Embrace Your Inner Rebel

25 Experts share how you can rise above

from whatever is holding you back

so you can have the best year, every year! 

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Hosted by Petra Monaco

I organized this event so you don’t have to experiences the level of conformity, that I have suffered. 

Through the years 2005 and beyond, as a single mom and then a special needs mom, I uncovered, disproved and embraced my own Inner Rebel to be, do and have the kind of life that doesn’t require me to request a day off! 

It became my mission to challenge the status quo because I didn’t want to just to have the cake, I wanted to eat it too! 

There’s no right or wrong way to create the life you want – there is YOUR way! The Rebel Shine Summit and the experts are here to help you access your own Inner Rebel so you can own your power and unleash yourself! 

Are you afraid to follow your dreams?

Are you making excuses for why you can’t do what you love? 

Is your Inner Rebel begging you to speak up and stand in your truth? 

It all changes now! 

The conversations from 25 speakers who have elevated their own life through releasing resistance and stepping into vulnerability so they could step into their own power, has challenged the status quo. 

Embrace your Inner Rebel


  • to have your best year, every year
  • to use imagination and create opportunities
  • to go back to basics through self-care

Purchase your lifetime access to all 25 Summit Recordings! 

Your Summit Speakers

Iesha Nyree

Roberta Smart

Jessica Doyle

Imani Aieshah

Tim Shank

Auguste Crenshaw

Shai Bearden

Michele Paiva

Michelle McClintock

Katy-Rose Bye

Debra Mazer

Pascale Recher

Lindsey Rainwater

Lisa Friedt

Mila Herenda

Erin Massengale

Amy Bernier

Alison Palmatier

Jill Ethier

Elena Sonnino

Steph Lagana

Tandy Elisala

Jeanine Gibeaut

Christine Renee

Stephanie Jennifer Alvarez

2018 Rebel Shine Summit

Embrace your inner Rebel

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